In order to see the best results from working out, you need to stagger your workouts to target different areas of the body. Your body does most of its muscle building during the rest period after you work out, so you don’t want to focus on one particular area day after day. In the guide below, we will provide a general outline for a week-long full body workout schedule so you can achieve results that last.

Start Each Day With 5-15 Minutes Of Stretching And Cardio

Spend the first 5-15 minutes of every workout stretching your body. Try to focus on the area of the body you will be targeting that day. Once you’ve finished your basic stretches, you can finish out the time with cardio (walking, running, jogging, etc.).

Monday – Arms

Start your week off with a good arm workout. You can do this at the gym or without equipment at home. Pushups, planks, mountain climbers, and other basic at-home workouts are great for building arm strength while simultaneously helping you lose weight along the way.

Tuesday – Legs

Leg day is one that most people dread, but it is essential to a full body workout. Wall sits, squats, and lunges are popular no-equipment workouts for legs, but there are a variety of workout machines that can assist you here as well. If you’re a member of a gym, adjust the weight settings on the equipment to match your abilities. You should be able to gradually increase those over time.

Wednesday – Abs/Core

The third day is all about building your core strength. Crunches, sit-ups, and reverse crunches do well for this. Many people choose to do ab day at home since most of the workouts can be done without equipment.

Thursday – Cardio

In a traditional workout schedule, you’re supposed to get two rest days – one in the middle of the week and one at the very end. In this case, we’re replacing one rest day with cardio since that will not put any strain on a specific muscle group. You can swim, jog around the neighborhood, or spend 30 minutes on the treadmill. That’s all up to you.

Friday – Legs + Core

For the next two days, you’ll be working on two separate muscle groups at the same time. Spend about 2/3 of the workout focusing on your legs and the remaining 1/3 working on your abs.

Saturday – Arms + Core

Similar to the setup we suggested yesterday, focus 2/3 of your workouts on your arms and the remaining 1/3 on your core. Your core should be able to handle two days in a row if you don’t overextend yourself.

Sunday – REST!

As we mentioned earlier, rest is a crucial part of the weight loss process. Make Sunday a day of total rest to allow your body time to heal from the week’s workouts. Enjoy some time with the family and meal prep for the week so you can get back at it again on Monday!